• Urban heartware vol.1 / brumtone / 2010

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    Urban Heartware vol. 1
    About the artists and their tracks:

    01 Professor Psygrooves - Giant Step

    “Giant Step” is a track from Professor Psygrooves, that he composed especially for brumtone. His first album - “Foreign Pulses & Borderline Dubs”,Jarring Effects, got a lot of attention.  The French artist plays a mixture of jazz, downtempo and dub aesthetics, that is both accessible and precise, melodic and mind-expanding … reverie, anger and journey cross and run together smoothly.  He manages with a great maturity to combine live playing and acoustic shades with electronic textures. The musicians (bass, drums, guitar, clarinets and keys) fully express their sensibility and sense of groove while electronics and arrangements deconstruct, recompose, explore sound design and open sound fields. Dub is approached as an improving and deconstructing process, which allows to never be relying on basic standards but, rather, to be constantly searching for new ways to extend sound creativity.

    02 Ritornell & Mimu - Urban Heartware
    “Urban Heartware” - is a song like a tale, about a dream  written by singer and composer Mimu Merz from Austria in cooperation with Ritornell. Ritornell is the project of Richard Eigner and Roman Gerold who just released a beautiful album on Karaoke Kalk called “Golden Solitude”. Eigner & Gerold are exploring the aesthetical achievements of the 20th century and experiment casually with bits and pieces from pop culture. With lots of flair they mix acoustical elements with electronic sounds and create an album that, even after repeated listening, preserves its shimmering on the edge between pop and avant-garde. Richard Eigner works mainly as a composer and sound-artist, but he has also contributed as a drummer to various productions, such as The Ljiljana Petkovic Orchestra. Besides quite a few other musical projects he is managing his own label, Wald Entertainment.

    03 Genys - Addict

    Genys  is a DJ and producer from Vilnius, Lithuania who started spinning records in 1997 with  a DJ crew called "One Ear Stereo" . He organizes regular music events at Satta Bar and very much loves to play and produce dubstep music. So guess what you will  hear when you listen to “Addict” ? ;) Recently Genys started a new digital label called "LOW VIBE" for sub bass related music.

    04 Sound 8 Orchestra - Nonstop Dancing

    The Sound 8 Orchestra is the project of Matthias Wyder a Berlin based multi instrumentalist from Switzerland occasionally supported by the drummer Rudi Fischerlehner.  He plays a mixture of  Easy Listening, Low Budget Lounge Music, Retro Futuristic B-Movie Soundtracks and psychedelic Electro Sounds. A wild and groovy sound mixture somewhere between Lee Perry, Add N To X, Sun Ra and James Bond Soundtracks.  To hear “Nonstop dancing” makes you wanna move - to hear and see the Sound 8 Orchestra live is an unforgettable experience -A live soundtrack  with Super 8 - projections.

    05 9 feat. Sheryl Scharschmidt - La Corsa Delle Note Che Canto

    Behind 9  hides the exile Italian and now "almost-berliner" Marco Brosolo. With the nose of Ringo Starr, the hair of Laurie Anderson, the voice of Vito Corleone and the hands of Aphex Twin, 9's mastermind enchants with unusual and harmonic songs. He surprises his audience with an original mix of classic song-writing and electronic programming. “La Corsa Delle Note Che Canto” is a production featuring the female rap vocal artist  Sheryl Scharschmidt from London.

    06 Climnoizer - Evanseven

    Climnoizer is  one of the project names from Luca Canciello from Naples, who plays many instruments like guitar, keys/synths and he loves his Ashbory Bass. Luca is always involved in various projects working with other people - right now he is for example in Bangalore (India) working as a composer on a tribute to Pina Bausch with a contemporary dance company. Climnoizer is his own - a one man project  and “Evanseven” something like a digital chamber music piece with a feeling of Satie’.  The first  Climnoizer album will be released in March 2010 on Neo Quija a music label from Weimar.

    07 Lonski & Classen - I could

    In Berlin Lonski & Classen have been voted last year as one of the Top 20 live bands.  Not long ago Lukas  Lonski and Felix Classen have been basically an insider tip in Berlin.  Since the release of their second album, “"Climbing on Branches" on Matrosenblau  - the fanbase is constantly growing and the duo is getting more and more popular also outside from Berlin. The music is a blend of folk, pop and some electronics.  Guitar, bass and drums are looped and played by hand and somehow built the pillars of Lonski & Classen.  On top lays the voice of Lukas adding a touch of melancholy to the songs with his beautiful vocal lines. A simple recipe with great effect.

    08  Golden Disko Ship - Girl as a slower Ghost Ship

    Golden Disko Ship is a one girl band from Berlin. A mix of an original and personable guitar style, found objects, toy instruments, computer beats & sounds and layered vocals with selfmade video projections, drawing you into a unique, chaotic, beautiful and immersive world of music and song. She herself released 2 eps, bumblebee behind a tree e.p. (2007) and lonesome cowboy/christmas tree e.p. (2008) and toured in the UK, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Austria , Switzerland and Germany. "a chaotic, organic and original music world."
"…dreamy, experimental folk electronica, sounds like walking on the beach with the sun in your eyes."

    09 Brum from Denmark - Harpowitch

    August Engkilde  is a composer, arranger, producer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, sound-designer and one of the owners of the record label Brumtone . August plays the bass, the keyboards and twists the computer knobs on more than 32 electronic and acoustic releases. The focus is not on one particularly genre but more on a mix of various genres, such as jazz, electro, dub and house as well as more experimental unnamed genres that comes up as a result of his curiosity and passion to explore new music. Brum From Denmark is a project of August Engkilde for multi layered alternative bigband music. In this project he brings sound and style inspired by the legend Gil Evans into a new modern danceable jazz style.

    10 CzechoBalt - Echoes from Stone

    CzechoBalt joins the creative forces of The Clarinet Factory Ensemble (Prague, Czech Republic), The Klaipeda State Music Theatre Orchestra and composer and conductor Vladimir Konstantinovas (Klaipėda, Lithuania) and his sun Jevgenijus Konstantinovas aka DJ Genys. “Echoes from Stone” is a live recording from the premiere of the concert - a  multi-genre composition of 2 hours duration, for clarinets, string orchestra and electronics  - that was performed at Klaipeda State Music Theatre, on the 18th of November, 2009. Imagine a music workshop or laboratory, to which a clarinet, some classical music education, a little bit of Ethno, Jazz and some Minimal Music is mixed in. You deliver a taste for improvisation, buy the most modern electronics and technology, invite interesting guests and then start doing research, creating, and mainly communicating with the audience. A particular genre will emerge from the environment which you have thus created, a genre which can have various things in common with the established term crossover, but more appropriately should be expressed as „music without borders".

    11 Dirk Markham - Amdram

    Dirk Markham grew up in the north east of Scotland (an hour inland from Aberdeen). He has been making experimental recordings and teaching himself every instrument he can get his hands on since his years studying mental philosophy at Edinburgh in the late 90s. His music is mainly instrumental although occasionally the odd folk-rock song pops up out of nowhere. Dirk has been residing in Berlin for the last five years where he works for the indie record label Monika Enterprise. “Amdrum” was released on Psycho Accoustic Sculptures Vol. 4 and somehow reminds of the work of Steve Reich with the Kronos Quartet.

    12 Dudley Benson - Domino (Stef Animal Remix)
    Dudley Benson  is a New Zealand musician. Influenced both by classical and pop sensibilities, he has been described as an 'indie chamber-pop choirboy' and his lyrics are often inspired by childhood experiences, especially of growing up on and around Banks Peninsula. Originally from the Christchurch area, he is currently based in Auckland. He has released several EPs and one full-length album, The Awakening (2008). In 2009 he was commissioned by the Auckland Art Gallery to compose and perform a response to Te Papa's Rita Angus retrospective: Life & Vision. He performed the result, "A Performance in Openness (In Three Parts)" on 1st November, the final day of the exhibition. At the end of last year Dudley published 'The Awakening: Supplementary Workbook', a collection of research, writing, subsequent artwork and interviews that focus on the creation of "The Awakening".

    13 Marzipan Marzipan - The Love Song

    Marzipan Marzipan is a project of the Berlin-based Italian musician, graphic artist and DJ Zelda Panda. She writes utterly charming tunes about travelling, life in the city and love. Using an old Italian 60s guitar, a loop-pedal and a toy-keyboard she works her unique lo-fi magic. Zelda is a very productive listener who draws upon a vast body of music for inspiration - among other things country, jazz, 80s pop and old italian crooner-classics - as well as literature, film and her many personal observations. In her own words:"Currently one-woman band, playing songs with electric guitar, loop station, multi effect pedal, vocals, sometimes small casio and drum machine. Mostly I like the type of things that turn bones to glass, contrappunto, perpetual astonishment and sense of humour." “The Love Song” was released on Sopa Deliciosa  - a compilation of the Danish  Label SOPA
    released last year on

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